This year I was taken to Wow by a girlfriend and had a wow time.  If going to WOW, I would recommend the Ibis Hotel in Featherston street for location a 2-minute walk to the show.  First, we went to Shed 5 and indulged in a cocktail to get us in the mood, yum.  Then over to the Dockside for pre- theatre dinner.  They do a special WOW menu.  Again, a good choice.  Ensure you book.  Three courses for $55.00.  More than enough food, would recommend the Pork Belly

 Then off to Wow.  This year a different look with a new director, Wow comes to Wellington every year and is a small glimpse into a quirky design world.  The creations seem to get weirder and weirder each year, it is amazing the talent out there.  Did I have a favorite this year no.   However, I did miss the nursery rhyme section and the bizarre bra section.  Once again, a show with a lot going on and delivers every year. This year's supreme winner was from Indonesia a "time capsule", you have to see it to believe it.  This year saw many international winners.  Would I go again yes, because every year its different and nothing like "a bit of magic in Wellington".