Taupo Enduro

At the end of November 2015 I completed my 4th Taupo Enduro, 2 laps of the Lake Taupo cycle challenge-320 km's.

In previous years I had really only trained the first year I did the Enduro, riding my bike 16-18 hours a week, the following two years I had still ridden a reasonable amount, but this year due to family life and other commitments such as being on the committee of the cycling club, and running a cycling group that catered for learner riders, I had done very little riding and wasn't too confident going into the event.

I've always been a bit of an optimist, and I figured I didn't have to be back at work until the Tuesday after the event, so I had plenty of time to complete the 320 km's, that said, spending 14-15 hours on the bike which I had estimated it would take me made it a pretty daunting task, especially with the weather forecasting rain.

The great thing about Taupo is the atmosphere and the coming together of cyclists from all different backgrounds and abilities.  With thousands of riders on the road, there is always someone to ride with or someone to try and catch up to, and the 'wow' factor of being part of a massive event-the largest 'fun ride' in the country.

The Enduro starts at 1am and I hoped to finish my first lap around 7, right when the waves of one lap and relay riders were starting so that I would be on the road with so many other riders which would help keep the spirits up.

I finished my first lap in 6 hours which I was pretty pleased with. After a big breakfast and a coffee at our accommodation, I was feeling not too bad, I didn't have as much enthusiasm for the second lap as I have in other years, mainly due to having to using used a sport bar that I hadn't used before which didn't really agree with me and made eating hard on lap one.

I managed to just tick over on the second lap, riding initially with a friend until he decided to push on ahead as I was holding him up.  On the second lap it was just a case of riding to finish and trying to stay positive.  I eventually finished with a lap two time of 8 hours.

I was pretty stoked to finish the event with so little time taken to train, but I don't recommend doing the Taupo Enduro when your longest training ride was 100km!