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PA Extraordinaire.....


One of Finman's PAs, Ang, certainly does more than her fair share of work.  Along with getting married, Ang also had time to auction off some fish at the Fish Auction at Paraparaumu Beach on 28 February 2015.

 Congratulations goes out to Ang and Terry.  All the best from the team at Finman.



Good-bye to our Granny V......

After working with Finman for nearly five years, Vanessa decided to finally retire on 16 May 2013  (and become a lady of leisure).  She will be missed by staff and clients alike, and we would like to wish her all the very best in her new "retired" life.  Take care Granny V.

The Big Dig....

Kapiti Observer and Rotary Club - Big Dig

On Saturday, 9 March 2013, over 850 diggers took part in the Big Dig at Raumati Beach.  There were also 10 entries in the sand sculpture competition.  

Adults and kids dug in the sand, in the hopes to find the markers which correspond to prizes.   There were some great prizes up for grabs, including a $350 Mitre 10 Mega voucher.  The winning sand sculpture was 'The man and the whale', which was inspired by the sperm whale which washed up on Paraparaumu Beach in January.

Finman Services assisted the Kapiti Observer team with the prize giving (thanks Annette).   The sun was shining and a great summer day was had by all.


Friday evening (22/2/13) at the Telstra Clear Events Center, Auckland Viaduct Harbour, Finman Services Paraparaumu were presented with the 'Xero Partner Innovation Award' for our ongoing relationship with Xero Online Accounting Software, with particular regard to a marketing campaign over the course of last year.

It was an immensely proud moment for our firm.  It really cements our position as the key provider of Xero Online Accounting Software in Kapiti-Horowhenua , which has helped hundreds of local businesses and organisations.

Congratulations Finman Services!

Denise Ambler visits Vanuatu

Denise Ambler visits Vanuatu

While travelling in Vanuatu recently, Denise met the local chief and visited the village primary school, where she gifted the school hundreds of Finman Services pens and letterhead, for the students to use.


Evie's had a baby...

Evie's had a baby......

Our long-serving staff member, Evie McNamara, has had a baby.  Her second daughter, Alannah Jane Moul, born on 05 December 2012 @ 11.27 a.m. in Paraparaumu.  Congratulations Evie and all the very best!

How "A" is your Accountant?

How Anal is your accountant?  Well personally, I am pretty bad.

Treasurer of a pipe band, managing mother's accounts as her power of attorney, a few other little entities to keep track of, filing is a priority.  All documents must be filed in the right divider of the right folder kept in the right shelf of the right cupboard.  Whole punches must be done in exactly the middle so that the documents all line up perfectly top to bottom.  Fabric for sewing and craft projects is stored in tubs, notions are stored in separate tubs.  Bills to pay are in date order on a bulldog clip and written up on a sheet as to when payment is due and crossed off when paid.  (Then filed per above).

In fact the entire family suffers from anal retentiveness.

The son who has been head librarian at college for two years has the entire bookshelf at home organised in subject order, with sections for each depending on the shelf height.  The children's books are on the low shelves in case of small visitors.  The extensive DVD collection is alphabetised and the games are subcategorised into type of game - play station, Wii, Xbox etc and then in genre and then in alphabetical order.

The daughter - top of her accounting class at college and just as bad as her brother.  The kitchen is organised in supermarket shopping order, with shelves of the pantry organised as supermarket aisles, there's the baking isle, the breakfast aisle, the treat aisle - which is so high only her brother can reach it, the lunch box aisle etc.  Woe betide anyone who files the groceries into the wrong shelf position.

Then there's the husband, he who can stand on the deck of the house and name all 120 different magnolias in the garden and where they are planted.  He who has a spreadsheet of each of his plant varieties so that he can go to a garden centre and check off the list for any plant he doesn't have in his many collections.

It's no wonder accountants have such a bland stereotype of being boring and they are the butt of so many jokes.  But my house is never boring, we all still talk to each other and sometimes its the little things that are actually really important.

If the little things still matter to you like they still matter to us then I would love to meet with you and give you that same attention to detail that I know and love.

What is a JAFA?

What is a JAFA?

Recently I decided to visit my sister, her partner and family in Devonport Auckland for the weekend.  We enjoyed the usual family good times and banter and pretty soon the question came up "How's your job going?  Are you still enjoying work in the accountancy world?"    I replied that Yes, it was fun working at Finman Paraparaumu and that a lot of the people there had become my friends both at work and were now personal friends.

Then the discussion turned to their own accountancy dilemma, as so often happens when family or friends have your ear and attention.  My sister and her partner Paul Beaurepaire, who is a well-known artist have an interesting business which I have helped them with some financial advice in the past.  They showed me their annual accounts, which had been prepared by a local accountancy firm, and sadly there were a number of issues that were not being attended to.  I have come home with some work to do to help my sister and her partner out !!

I reflected on the work that we do here at Finman and thought we would never get away with that here.   We are expected to respond promptly and in a professional manner, and of course, not forget to be friendly.

The rest of the weekend was really interesting.   Paul Beaurepaire has been invited for the 3nd time to exhibit his work at the Sculpture On Shore Exhibition.  He is presenting two exquisite, large pieces of sculpture in aluminium, which will be available for sale.  One is named "Bone Woman" and is 2400mm tall.  The other is "Key" and is 1800mm tall.  Both are priced in excess of $30,000.  Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones purchased one of Paul's sculptures and is amongst his extensive list of clients.   Paul and Joan's website is Alchemy Sculptures  to see more of his work.

Sunday afternoon found us all driving out to the Riverhead Tavern for a Blues Afternoon.   What a fabulous spot that is beside the river, north of Albany.   There were people of all ages from babies to Grandparents all enjoying themselves with a great variety of food available from the pub and a small hut serving chips, kids meals, etc for $5.  The musicians were entertaining to watch and the music great.  I thoroughly recommend you take a trip there next time you are in Auckland.  Riverhead Tavern website

And now back to the question - What is a JAFA?   Well, my family think I am one and I think they are - they just swap the AUCKLANDER for ACCOUNTANT.

Xero customer signings gather pace

Cloud-based accounting software provider Xero has announced it has signed up 100,000 paying customers. A couple of hundred shareholders gathered in Wellington for the company's annual meeting, to hear from chief executive and founder Rod Drury whose own personal stake in Xero is now worth just over $100 million.

He personally greeted shareholders at the door. Xero had 45,000 paying customers when it held its annual meeting last year, which it took five years to sign. It signed the next 50,000 in 10 months. Annualised committed monthly revenue has grown to $34.5m, up from $25.5m at March 31, of which 57 per cent was earned from overseas. Xero said it would consider a dual-listing on the ASX to make it easier for Australian partners and customers to purchase shares.

Strong Interest in Business Awards

 Strong Interest in Business Awards

This year's Electra Kapiti Horowhenua Business Awards are attracting strong interest, according to organisers, Business Kapiti Horowhenua. With entries closing this Friday (8 June), it still remains to be seen how many of those showing interest will convert into formal entries, but Event Manager, Kirsten Kilmister, is hopeful that the number will equal those of recent years. 

To assist interested businesses, there were briefing sessions in Levin and Paraparaumu, followed, for the first time, by a half-day workshop.   These provided an opportunity for past winners, advisers and assessors to provide tips on entering. People who attended have said that they now have a better understanding of what makes an excellent business and useful insights into what assessors will be looking for.   They also enjoyed discussions with other entrants. 

On behalf of the organisers, business adviser, Jeff Smith, has been assisting individual entrants to complete their applications. A list of the accepted entrants will be published in the Kapiti Observer, Horowhenua Mail, on Beach FM and on the awards website from the 18th of June. The winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Friday 12th October.