The team at Finman recently enjoyed a trip into the city, You see there are a few team members here that would class themselves as top notch cooks so we thought let's put them to the test and see who comes out on top plus a good way to have some team bonding time.

Social cooking was our destination and we were set the task of creating a chicken and spinach risotto, Lou our chef for the afternoon provided us with cooking tips and a lot of entertainment – more on that later. So the teams were off and everyone thought their way was the right way, some were even hiding other teams ingredients! I tell you this lot will try anything when it comes to winning.

Then there was Jude who decided that he would make up his own additions to the recipe and had poor Katie running back and forward to the pantry with his requests for additional items. The afternoon carried on with lots of laughs and some cooking in between.

Lou presented the winners of the day with their awards and prizes

Best Dish – Denise & Brent

Messiest bench – Jenni, Lisa-Jean & Ange – only because there was 3 of us!

Cleanest bench – Jude & Luke – through flirting with the judge! 

The team then sat together and enjoyed the fruits of their labour, A few stayers carried on to enjoy the night in the city and who would turn up and meet them at the bar – Lou! She decided that our group was alright and was planning to spend the night with them, Luke was in her sights!

I would highly recommend a trip into Social Cooking it is a great interactive and fun experience for everyone even those that are not use to being in the kitchen.