After years of coming up with every excuse under the sun for not being able to complete it, one New Year's drinkies with dear friends I agreed to complete a FULL individual event:  400m sea swim, 12 km bike ride and 4k run.  Individually it doesn't sound too bad BUT all together! What was I thinking!!

Throughout January and February, I managed to fit in some running and biking training in-between work, kids, and study BUT it wasn't until 5 days before the event I went for my first sea swim! Nothing can describe the feeling of swimming 400ms in the sea when you're not a swimmer!  But I did it!!

Sunday 26th February 2017 arrived – no sleep in allowed, I stood on the beach, with approximately 400 other women, watching the waves wash ashore feeling relieved the sea was calm.  A beautiful welcome was given, usual safety procedures read and warm up completed…… AND then…our group was called to walk further down the beach to start our Triathlon!  The wait wasn't long enough, the whistle blew and we raced into the water!  To say it was over in a flash would be a lie, it went on FOREVER, I felt I was never going to reach the end of the swim event but after about 25 minutes and a few mouth fulls of salt water I finished part 1.  I enter transition relieved I survived the swim.  A quick change and I was soon on the bike riding down Matatua Road, onto Manly Street with not only the triathlon women but the duathlon competitors as well.  I was exhausted but I felt great!  I rode past my kids who were cheering me on from the deck at home, which gave me the boost I needed before arriving back at the transition to park my bike up and start the run.  Running.…easier said than done.  After swimming and biking my legs felt like concrete, hence a very slow start.  Once I started to knock off the kilometres the final stretch arrived, I managed a wee sprint and ran over the finishing line.  WHAT A GREAT FEELING!  Not only to have finished but to have completed this event along with 400 other women made up of all shapes and sizes and from different age groups.


To say I am glad I completed this is an understatement.  I talked myself out of doing it, just as much as talking myself into it.  But in the end we will only regret the chances or opportunities we didn't take, BRING ON NEXT YEAR! Note to self: maybe learn to swim before next year!