Girlies Road trip to Napier to see the Dixie Chicks at the Mission on Saturday 8th April 2017 was a great day/night.

 Four of us went to indulge in a little bit of country rock and we all came away with smiles on our faces.

 Tip number 1 is to try and book yourself on one of the numerous bus rides organised to get you to and back from the concert.  $25 each.  Blessing.  We were there in 15mins from Hastings (mind you we were there at 1pm but the time just seemed to slip by), buses have their own park and we didn't queue for long to get in (10mins).  However, getting home a different story 2hrs, but we had a great time on the bus, with I'm sure half of the bus fill of South Island people and can they sing.  Two sisters from Gore were great entertainment.

 Tip number 2 pre-order and pay for your alcoholic drinks on line and ensure you print the vouchers.  Queues not as long.

 Weather forecast was to be not so pleasant and remember it was in April later than the earlier month of February.  But once again, weather turned out fab.

 2018 Mission concert we will be there again.