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Payday Filing - Are you Ready?

Follow the link below to see the changes that take affect on 1st April 2019.

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Xero Platinum Partners

The Finman Xtreme Team are thrilled to announce that we are now Xero Platinum Partners! A reminder, if you'd like to learn more about Xero, or fine tune your skills - phone us today to make an appointment with one of our Xero Certified Accountants.

Forecasts and Budgeting for Success

Most of us are all well back into the swing of things with our businesses after a relaxing Christmas and New Year break.  These breaks are a good time for a little self-reflection and review of the calendar year just ended.  From this, many of us review our business strategy, and do some goal setting for the next year ahead.

In reality though, many of us fail to follow this through by properly documenting these goals and objectives, assigning them to a specific person for accountability and measuring them (think of the S.M.A.R.T acronym – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound).

From a financial perspective, with the end of the financial year approaching for most, now is the time to put these goals and objectives into some financial forecasts which the business can plan around for the year ahead.  The best way is to produce profit & loss and cashflow forecasts to help you plan for the ups and downs of the year ahead, lending requirements, and/or plan for growth.  But most importantly, they are designed to ensure you meet your long-term strategic plans.

After the forecasts have been finalised, the figures can be utilised as a budget and loaded into Xero on a monthly basis.  So, each month you'll be able to track your actual monthly revenue, expenses and net profit results against the budgeted figures so that the business's financial performance is related back to your original goals.  Tracking, assessing and reporting these results brings greater accountability and dramatically increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.

To discuss the practicalities of forecasting and budgeting, contact the Finman team now to get started on (04) 298 2551.



This year I was taken to Wow by a girlfriend and had a wow time.  If going to WOW, I would recommend the Ibis Hotel in Featherston street for location a 2-minute walk to the show.  First, we went to Shed 5 and indulged in a cocktail to get us in the mood, yum.  Then over to the Dockside for pre- theatre dinner.  They do a special WOW menu.  Again, a good choice.  Ensure you book.  Three courses for $55.00.  More than enough food, would recommend the Pork Belly

 Then off to Wow.  This year a different look with a new director, Wow comes to Wellington every year and is a small glimpse into a quirky design world.  The creations seem to get weirder and weirder each year, it is amazing the talent out there.  Did I have a favorite this year no.   However, I did miss the nursery rhyme section and the bizarre bra section.  Once again, a show with a lot going on and delivers every year. This year's supreme winner was from Indonesia a "time capsule", you have to see it to believe it.  This year saw many international winners.  Would I go again yes, because every year its different and nothing like "a bit of magic in Wellington".

Dixie Chicks at the Mission

Girlies Road trip to Napier to see the Dixie Chicks at the Mission on Saturday 8th April 2017 was a great day/night.

 Four of us went to indulge in a little bit of country rock and we all came away with smiles on our faces.

 Tip number 1 is to try and book yourself on one of the numerous bus rides organised to get you to and back from the concert.  $25 each.  Blessing.  We were there in 15mins from Hastings (mind you we were there at 1pm but the time just seemed to slip by), buses have their own park and we didn't queue for long to get in (10mins).  However, getting home a different story 2hrs, but we had a great time on the bus, with I'm sure half of the bus fill of South Island people and can they sing.  Two sisters from Gore were great entertainment.

 Tip number 2 pre-order and pay for your alcoholic drinks on line and ensure you print the vouchers.  Queues not as long.

 Weather forecast was to be not so pleasant and remember it was in April later than the earlier month of February.  But once again, weather turned out fab.

 2018 Mission concert we will be there again.


After years of coming up with every excuse under the sun for not being able to complete it, one New Year's drinkies with dear friends I agreed to complete a FULL individual event:  400m sea swim, 12 km bike ride and 4k run.  Individually it doesn't sound too bad BUT all together! What was I thinking!!

Throughout January and February, I managed to fit in some running and biking training in-between work, kids, and study BUT it wasn't until 5 days before the event I went for my first sea swim! Nothing can describe the feeling of swimming 400ms in the sea when you're not a swimmer!  But I did it!!

Sunday 26th February 2017 arrived – no sleep in allowed, I stood on the beach, with approximately 400 other women, watching the waves wash ashore feeling relieved the sea was calm.  A beautiful welcome was given, usual safety procedures read and warm up completed…… AND then…our group was called to walk further down the beach to start our Triathlon!  The wait wasn't long enough, the whistle blew and we raced into the water!  To say it was over in a flash would be a lie, it went on FOREVER, I felt I was never going to reach the end of the swim event but after about 25 minutes and a few mouth fulls of salt water I finished part 1.  I enter transition relieved I survived the swim.  A quick change and I was soon on the bike riding down Matatua Road, onto Manly Street with not only the triathlon women but the duathlon competitors as well.  I was exhausted but I felt great!  I rode past my kids who were cheering me on from the deck at home, which gave me the boost I needed before arriving back at the transition to park my bike up and start the run.  Running.…easier said than done.  After swimming and biking my legs felt like concrete, hence a very slow start.  Once I started to knock off the kilometres the final stretch arrived, I managed a wee sprint and ran over the finishing line.  WHAT A GREAT FEELING!  Not only to have finished but to have completed this event along with 400 other women made up of all shapes and sizes and from different age groups.


To say I am glad I completed this is an understatement.  I talked myself out of doing it, just as much as talking myself into it.  But in the end we will only regret the chances or opportunities we didn't take, BRING ON NEXT YEAR! Note to self: maybe learn to swim before next year!


Movember 2016

I am  proudly taking part of Movember 2016, Movember is all about helping to provide awareness for Men's Health Issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health/suicide prevention.

I have been taking part in Movember since I was 17 years old (5 years) and begun to help fundraising for the cause last year helping to raise $220.

My main drive to participate is because approximately three quarters of people who commit suicide are men and in my final year at high school a close friend took his life. It was an incident that shook our entire school. A lot of my friends participate in this cause and it's something I really enjoy being a part of.

Here is a link to my fundraising page if you would like to support him.

Photo on left: Is before the shave off to start, photo on the right is week Day 1

Taupo Enduro

Taupo Enduro

At the end of November 2015 I completed my 4th Taupo Enduro, 2 laps of the Lake Taupo cycle challenge-320 km's.

In previous years I had really only trained the first year I did the Enduro, riding my bike 16-18 hours a week, the following two years I had still ridden a reasonable amount, but this year due to family life and other commitments such as being on the committee of the cycling club, and running a cycling group that catered for learner riders, I had done very little riding and wasn't too confident going into the event.

I've always been a bit of an optimist, and I figured I didn't have to be back at work until the Tuesday after the event, so I had plenty of time to complete the 320 km's, that said, spending 14-15 hours on the bike which I had estimated it would take me made it a pretty daunting task, especially with the weather forecasting rain.

The great thing about Taupo is the atmosphere and the coming together of cyclists from all different backgrounds and abilities.  With thousands of riders on the road, there is always someone to ride with or someone to try and catch up to, and the 'wow' factor of being part of a massive event-the largest 'fun ride' in the country.

The Enduro starts at 1am and I hoped to finish my first lap around 7, right when the waves of one lap and relay riders were starting so that I would be on the road with so many other riders which would help keep the spirits up.

I finished my first lap in 6 hours which I was pretty pleased with. After a big breakfast and a coffee at our accommodation, I was feeling not too bad, I didn't have as much enthusiasm for the second lap as I have in other years, mainly due to having to using used a sport bar that I hadn't used before which didn't really agree with me and made eating hard on lap one.

I managed to just tick over on the second lap, riding initially with a friend until he decided to push on ahead as I was holding him up.  On the second lap it was just a case of riding to finish and trying to stay positive.  I eventually finished with a lap two time of 8 hours.

I was pretty stoked to finish the event with so little time taken to train, but I don't recommend doing the Taupo Enduro when your longest training ride was 100km!

Kapiti Epic

The Kapiti Epic 

On October 10th and 11th I ran a cycle event for the first time called the Kapiti Epic.  2015 was the first year that the Tour of Waikanae has not run, so there is a real need to have a local cycling event that caters to all levels of cyclist.

The October 10th event was repeats on the Maungakotukutuku hill, a 2 kilometre hill just outside of Paraparaumu.  Despite this hill being quite steep, and a good work out just to reach the summit once, the winner of the event did 26 repeats, and the event attracted entrants as young as 7 and as old as 71.

The October 11th event was a mountain bike race at Whareroa farm, a working farm on DOC land between Paraparaumu and Paekakariki.  The mountain bike race covered a small circuit, with riders doing as many circuits as they could in two hours.

The great thing about the Epic is it is a fundraising event.  All proceeds this year went to Raewyn Morrison a local cyclist who is racing overseas hoping to secure a professional contract.  The Epic raised $850 for Raewyn, the entry fee was kept low so that the event was accessible to everyone, and because local businesses sponsored the event it meant that more money could be raised.

The event was a great success, with both local newspapers running reports, and I had great feedback from the participants.

The Epic will be run in future years, I am aiming to raise over $2,000 next year and increase entry numbers.

Social Cooking

The team at Finman recently enjoyed a trip into the city, You see there are a few team members here that would class themselves as top notch cooks so we thought let's put them to the test and see who comes out on top plus a good way to have some team bonding time.

Social cooking was our destination and we were set the task of creating a chicken and spinach risotto, Lou our chef for the afternoon provided us with cooking tips and a lot of entertainment – more on that later. So the teams were off and everyone thought their way was the right way, some were even hiding other teams ingredients! I tell you this lot will try anything when it comes to winning.

Then there was Jude who decided that he would make up his own additions to the recipe and had poor Katie running back and forward to the pantry with his requests for additional items. The afternoon carried on with lots of laughs and some cooking in between.

Lou presented the winners of the day with their awards and prizes

Best Dish – Denise & Brent

Messiest bench – Jenni, Lisa-Jean & Ange – only because there was 3 of us!

Cleanest bench – Jude & Luke – through flirting with the judge! 

The team then sat together and enjoyed the fruits of their labour, A few stayers carried on to enjoy the night in the city and who would turn up and meet them at the bar – Lou! She decided that our group was alright and was planning to spend the night with them, Luke was in her sights!

I would highly recommend a trip into Social Cooking it is a great interactive and fun experience for everyone even those that are not use to being in the kitchen.